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Client Brief

Our clients wanted a home that was warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the opposite to their existing Adelaide Hills home. Realising that Kuitpo Forest was a similar climate they decided to commission us to design and construct a family home for four people. The brief was reasonably relaxed apart from the requirement for an entertaining area, the desire for rich palette of materials and the urge to experience the views to the East and West from as many rooms in the home as possible.




Budget: $600,000

Floor Area: 228m2




After several floor plans were considered a “T” shape was chosen that placed the main entrance and living areas on a North to South axis. Northern windows in the living areas allow both sunlight and natural light into the space during the winter and natural ventilation during the summer months. Shading is provided by the use of galvanised outriggers and wire supports that vines will be trained over. These will die back during the winter months allowing sunlight to enter. In summer they will create a beautiful dappled light as well as absorb solar radiation helping to create small micro climates around the house.

Natural materials were chosen wherever possible to help integrate the home within its landscape; timber cladding, Weathertex compressed hardwood boards, galvanised and ColorBond steel and rammed earth. The latter greets the visitor on arrival at the entrance to the property and again at the door. It also features in the living area forming an open fireplace and then in a dividing wall between the main bedroom and en-suite.

The home has hydronic underfloor heating as well as hot water with power provided by the large solar panel array that has been installed on the two North facing roofs.

TS4 Living