Client Brief

A retired couple’s desire to be close to their family and grandchildren was the driving force for this project: a self contained addition to a 1950’s home that belonged to their son and his family. With a finite income the couple wanted predictable future heating and cooling costs. They also wanted integration with their family as well as the ability for privacy when needed. They also valued natural ventilation and light, a feature that the design embraced.



Location: adelaide, SA

Budget: $325,000

Floor Area: 128m2




The kitchen and living area of the existing 1950’s home were combined to form one open plan living space which leads to the new self contained addition. A new single access door was created opening into a light filled entrance where the family and grandparents enter their own areas. This “link” can be opened to provide an uninterrupted transition from one area to the other. It can also be closed off if privacy is needed. This approach fully integrates the addition with the home giving greater flexibility in the future.

The home uses TS4’s wall construction and double glazed windows throughout which includes replacing the steel framed windows of the 1950’s home. With modernisation to the existing home in the form of windows and insulation the overall Energy Rating rose from 2.5 Stars to 7.2 Stars.

The home is thermally comfortable throughout the year, with a combined energy bill that is typically below $250 per quarter for the equivalent of four adults and three young children living in two homes.

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