How much does a ts4 home cost?

There are many factors that go into the cost of a new home, such as the size and choice of materials and any additional services such as landscaping. We have created family homes between $275k-$640k. For a typical project we would allow $xx per square metre (compared to a builder at $xx and an architect at $xx).


What does this price include? Are there hidden extras?

Quality comes standard at TS4. We do not advertise an artificially low price with basic materials alongside a photo of a home with all the premium upgrades. We don’t believe that essentials such as council approvals or driveways should be added on as surprise extras.

We never compromise on the performance of the building, so solar panels, double-glazing and insulated wall panels come standard.

Prices are inclusive of GST and are typically within 5% of the original estimate. We will advise you along the way of any changes that will affect your budget.

Typical inclusions are:

  • Fully custom design to suit your site and lifestyle
  • Double-glazing and quality window frames
  • 2.7m ceilings and 2.4m doors with quality door furniture
  • Quality flooring in polished concrete, ceramic tiles or timber
  • Exposed aggregate concrete path or paving for perimeter and driveway
  • Ceiling fans in living areas
  • Solar panels
  • Hot water supplied by heat pump or thermodynamic panel
  • Highly insulated wall panel construction
  • LED light fittings with a neutral white light
  • Energy efficient appliances from Bosch, Baumatic or Euro
  • Solid kitchen joinery with Essastone worktops and Blum or similar fittings
  • Quality sanitary ware and half tiling in bathrooms
  • Water efficient taps and showerheads
  • Wiring including data connection for entertainment area, study and bedrooms
  • 1000L rainwater tank
  • Council fees
  • Consultant fees for energy assessment

While we pride ourselves on offering a complete package as standard, we can also offer additional features to enhance your lifestyle, such as:

  • Smart home automation
  • External shading
  • Landscaping
  • Additional custom joinery
  • Additional rainwater storage and greywater system
  • Off-grid options including composting toilet
  • Wood burning fireplaces
  • Designer lighting beyond the included LED downlights

What materials do you use?

Our signature highly insulated wall system forms the basis of our construction. We aim to achieve wall insulation with an R-rating of approximately twice the minimum national standards for new builds, which significantly improves comfort levels without extra heating and cooling costs.

For all other materials, we use a selection of options chosen for their thermal performance, quality, durability and aesthetics. We can advise you on the selections that will suit your style and budget.

Some examples of typical options are:

  • Internal flooring: Polished concrete, ceramic tiles, timber floorboards
  • External cladding: Corten steel, corrugated iron, timber panelling, render
  • Outdoor flooring: Exposed aggregate concrete, paving, timber decking
  • Roofing: Corrugated iron
  • Interior fittings & fixtures: Durable and quality finishes for kitchens, joinery, handles

How long does it take?

Allow 12 months from the date of the contract being signed for a typical project, depending on the size, complexity and external factors such as council approvals. This is in contrast to an architect who will often take XX months.


Do you have set floor plans or is everything custom designed?

Every TS4 home is created in close consultation with the homeowner. We listen to you and work with you to custom design a home that suits your unique lifestyle, tastes, site and budget.

Visit our portfolio to be inspired by the floorplans and finished homes we have built for previous clients.


What location do you service?

TS4 is located in metro Adelaide and serves all of South Australia.


Can you do renovations or only new builds?

New builds tend to be easier for climate responsive design as we have more control over the materials, orientation and design. However we love the challenge of bringing existing buildings up to modern standards of performance and comfort, including Paul’s own heritage home renovation that went from an energy rating of 0.9 to 8.4.

See more renovation projects here.


What is the process?

Concept Design

We will conduct a site meeting with you to understand the location, orientation and neighbouring properties. We will develop a concept design consisting of a site plan, floorplan and 2D and 3D sketches to present to you.

Design Development

After meeting to discuss your feedback, we will further develop the design. The floorplan will be refined and you will select your construction materials.

Cost Estimation and Building Contract

You will choose your fixtures, colours, appliances and other details. We will provide a quote and timeline for the build. Once the quote is approved we will coordinate the signing of the building contract between you and the builder.

Construction and Project Coordination

We will finalise the documentation for council approval. We will coordinate and oversee the construction process and liaise between you and the builder. At completion, we will walk you through your new home and explain all the features in detail.


What is climate responsive design?

Climate responsive design is the design and construction of buildings using methods that reduce or eliminate the need for artificial heating and cooling. Occupants enjoy year-round comfort with low (or even zero!) energy bills.

Considerations include:

  • Passive solar design (allowing winter sun and blocking summer sun), through window placement, orientation and shading
  • Natural light to avoid unnecessary artificial lighting
  • Materials with good thermal mass to even out temperature fluctuations
  • Insulation, air-tightness and double-glazing to keep the outside climate out
  • Ventilation for natural cooling and fresh air

Climate responsive homes often also employ additional energy efficient and eco-conscious choices to further reduce the building’s operational costs and environmental impact, including:

  • Renewable energy sources such as solar power
  • Using less energy-hungry alternatives (e.g. ceiling fans and LED lights)
  • Rainwater and greywater use
  • Use of materials with low carbon footprint

We aim to far exceed all national standards of energy usage, with a NatHERS energy rating of typically 7.5 stars or higher. A typical TS4 climate responsive home uses four times less energy than an average Australian home and is five times as air tight.


Can I really do without heating/cooling?

Yes, really! Our homes feature no air conditioning. Passive design, natural ventilation and ceiling fans keep homes at a pleasant temperature even in hot South Australian summers.

Some of our clients opt for wood fires or hydronic underfloor heating for extra comfort and ambience in cooler areas such as the Adelaide Hills.

The fact that to date none of our homes has ever been put on the market is a testament to how comfortable and wonderful they are to live in at any time of year.


How much more does it cost to attain a high Energy Star home?

paul to advise


How much can I save on my running costs?

paul to advise


Sounds amazing! What can I do now?

We’re delighted you’d like to take the next step towards making your dream home a reality. Please fill in an enquiry form and we’ll make a time to chat more about your needs.

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