Why does your home need an architect?


Clients and builders have different languages; with an architect you can turn your ideas and dreams into reality.


You have been collecting cut outs of your dream home from magazines and pinterest boards for the past decade. You have your lot of land in your favourite part of the world, ready to settle down for a family or create your own space after the kids have moved out. You know how you want your front garden, veggie patch, kitchen space looking out through the living room onto a beautiful view and 3 bedrooms with an ensuite and walk in robe in the main bedroom, of course.

So why would you need an architect? You know exactly what you want, why not call up your local builder and start preparing your land for your dream home! Builders and clients have very different languages and this is where an architect comes into play. Between colour swatches and timber framing, ground to roof detailing and how the ambiance of the living room will filter through to the kitchen, a builder and client will ultimately get lost, stumbling down a path that neither wants to walk upon.

Architects are the correspondence between both worlds, creating a smooth journey between the client and builder, communicating effectively to both parties in their own language. With an architect, you (the client) can explain the feeling you want in your bedroom as you wake up with a warm morning sun filtering through the curtains and comfortable temperature, even in the dead of winter. An architect can then liaise with the builder about wall thicknesses, insulation, window frames and heights through carefully drafted drawings to execute your ideal living situation.

Architects are adaptable and we will listen to your visions and propositions about wall colours and kitchen layouts, right down to the small (but significant details) of handles, tile positioning and finishes on your floors, all the while maintaining a connection to the surroundings of your home and allowing your space to age as gracefully as you will, using sustainable and holistic strategies so your home will not impede on the environment nor cause you to over spend on external cooling/heating systems through a house that would not be internally comfortable if an architect was not consolidated for the build. An architecturally designed home could even save you money with initial design implications that result in you using less heating and cooling throughout the year.

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