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Client Brief

“We’re tired of being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter,” began the client’s brief. The rather run-down beach-side shack had been constructed in the 70’s to a very low specification. Originally used infrequently, the shack is being used far more regularly and this has forced a rethink.



Location: Coffin Bay, SA

Budget: $500,000

Floor Area: 160m2



The orientation was not ideal. Views to the East and South East were priorities as well as trying to achieve Northern solar access to the living space. A multi-faceted design was conceived to create areas that are protected from both the summer sun and from the on- and off-shore breezes that change direction daily and seasonally. The combination of carefully placed louvred windows alongside the large uPVC double glazed windows and the fanned-out floorplan creates natural ventilation throughout the home and an abundance of natural light.

The new house has minimal heating and cooling requirements. For convenience a multi-head reverse cycle air conditioning system has been installed that will be powered mainly from the solar panel installation. This system is being combined into an automation system that will allow remote control by mobile phone. This will also combine security and fire protection measures.

The house is being constructed using the TS4 wall system and low-maintenance materials and is expected to have an energy rating of at least 7.5 Stars.

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