We must seek ways of living, working and being that enable all people of the world to lead healthy, fufilling, and economically secure lives without destroying the environment and without endangering the future welfare of people and the planet.
— 1992 UN Earth Summit

BACK IN 2009 …

Director of TS4 Living, Paul Hendy, decided to bring together a wealth of technical knowledge and ‘hands on’ building experience to the world of sustainable design from traditional builds to modern, lightweight construction.

TS4 Living, an acronym of The Space For (4) Living, are passionate about producing sustainable, carbon sensitive designs that create affordable and energy efficient homes, that save client’s money on heating, cooling and electricity costs while paying homage to the intangible poetics of space and light.

At TS4 Living our approach to designing is a little different. We listen to you, work with you and create what you want; an affordable and energy efficient home. A home that will remain comfortable all year round, no matter rain, hail or shine. We want you to benefit from our experience so together we can create your home that compliments your lifestyle and ensures you do not become energy poor in the future.

Welcome to Low Energy Living.

Please contact us for a free 1 hour consultation to discuss how we can help you realise your ideas and dreams.